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his name was warren davis and he was here to see his mother jean davis. they're both of arlington, virginia. but now, we've learned that's not his real name. his real name is paul pardis. he came here to hear a doctor's description of his mother's condition and during that debriefing, this man, police say, pulled out a handgun as he became emotionally distraught and shot the doctor once in the abdomen. baltimore police swarmed the huge campus of johns hopkins hospital just after 11 a.m. with the report a gunman was in one of the buildings. a doctor was shot and a man was holed up. ashley davis, who said she didn't want her face shown, said she was in the emergency room when she saw the doctor rolled by on a stretcher. >> he appeared to be fine to me. i saw him for 30 seconds.
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>> but he was conscious. >> yes. >> reporter: paul warren pardis opened fire after hearing the condition of his mother. >> he was being briefed by a doctor, a staff doctor, at johns hopkins, about the condition of his mother, who's identified at jean davis. mr. davis was receiving some news about the care and the condition of his mother just outside the doorway to that room when he became emotionally distraught. >> reporter: in the confusion that followed, police weren't sure exactly what they were dealing with. all but two patients were evacuated off the 8th floor. employees were told by text message and e-mail to shelter in place. >> there was a man on rampage with a gun in a hospital where we're supposed to be protected. >> reporter: after assessing the situation, the police reopened
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the campus but kept several floors of the nelson building locked down. >> at about 1:30 p.m. our s.w.a.t team was able to determine that inside the room we were able to see that mr. davis was down on the floor suffering from an apparent gunshot wound and that his mother was also unresponsive in her bed. >> reporter: there are no metal detectors on the campus. all people are asked for identification and given a wrist band. hospital officials say they're reassessing their security but preliminarily they say the warning system worked well. at 3:00 this afternoon we were told by police the doctor was still in the operating room. we don't have an update on his
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condition but we're told he will survive. he's being identified as dr. david cohen. an orthopaedic surgeon and a staff member here at the hospital. the security is being reassessed according to hospital officials but anybody who comes on to this campus has to show identification and get a wrist band before he can enter. >> paul wagner in east baltimore. two families are mourning after an ambulance crash in prince george's county. three people are dead. the victims were inside an suv that crossed into the path of an ambulance rushing to an emergency call. fox five john hanrahan has been working the story. and he's live with more. >> reporter: the three men in the suv died at scene. the ambulance workers received minor injuries but the crash totalled both vehicles. it happened just after midnight on marlboro pike and district heights. for some reason the driver of an suv crossed over the center lines and nearly hit the ambulance head on.
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an event recorder camera captured video of the fast moving suv approaching the ambulance. it shows another motorist in the background frantically flashing his headlights to warn of the impending disaster. mark brady viewed the video. >> within seconds that headlights are in the opposite direction of traveling coming directly at the ambulance, within seconds it is on tom of the ambulance. it is split second decision by that ambulance driver to swerve to the left taking that evasive action which saved the head on collision. >> reporter: the suv tore into the side of the ambulance which did not have a patient inside. the suv then hit a brick wall, a utility pole, and flipped over. all three men inside died at scene. the ambulance crew was shaken and sore but not badly injured. the three men in the suv were identified as 35-year-old tony
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burney, 22-year-old andri watley and his uncle emanuel jones. jones was driving. the police investigation of this baffling crash could take weeks. >> john hanrahan in the newsroom. riding metro getting more dangerous. new statistics out prove it. crime was 25% higher than the same time last year. 1074 crimes committed. much of the reason electronic devices, things like iphones, more expensive and more people carry them. stats of those accounted for much of the crime surge. dc's attorney general planning to resign in the wake of the mayoral election. peter income ol says he's considering what comes next in his career. he told the associated press he will not work for vincent grey. he says he'll make sure the transition of power goes smoothly and then announce he's stepping down at the end of the year. grey has made no secret of the fact he does not like nichols as attorney general. with the bitter campaign
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behind them, grey and fenty showed up at the church breakfast this morning. it allows rivals a chance to heal the wounds of the campaign while looking towards the future. >> it is really important that we work together as best we can to try to bring the city together. >> it was a real tough campaign and i think the democratic nominee and i, we fought hard. it was all fought in the best spirit but it's good to show publicly all that stuff is left on the campaign. >> grey says he wants to hold a town hall meeting, maybe meetings, all eight wards and a summit after the november general election. they are sobering statistics as well. still ahead on the edge, new data from the census bureau reveals the number of americans living in poverty. plus, tour guides file a federal lawsuit fighting for their right to speak. why they claim their voices are being silenced in the district. deep inside the heart of
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america, spy satellite network. an exclusive look inside the national reconnaissance office in virginia. and finally, some badly needed showers around the region. i'll give you a look at radar because in some spots we've had thunderstorms and they've been strong. any more rain for us later tonight or thunder? your forecast is coming up at fox5ne stay with us. 
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. we are getting alarming new numbers fl the government tonight showing how painful this
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recession has been. the census bureau reports one in seven americans lives in poverty. more than 43 million people. an increase of about 3 million since 2008. the statistics cover president obama's first year in office when the unemployment rate climbed to 10%. an activist group is suing dc over a tour guide law. they say they have to take a test, pay a fee, and have a special license before charging for tours. two tour guides want to change that, saying it harms their first amendment rights. >> the first amendment protects your right to communicate for a living and that's true whether you're a journalist, a standup comedian. we don't rely on the government who has the right to speak. >> they say the test requires tour guides to read and study six different books before they can get a license. still ahead on news edge exclusive, we're taking inside the nerve center of america's
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spy satellite network. the ambitious project's local office is taking on two upgraded espionage arsenal. a local comedian making a name for himself on youtube back with a new video taking metro to task. and from apple ceos to ninja, apple calls a report fewer fiction. it didn't stop an animation company showing this as jobs getting caught by air port security. ] nature is unique...
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. he's become a cult hero of source. manning is suspected of leaking document to wikileaks. tomorrow rallies will be held across the country to demand that manning be set free. demonstrations will be held in 18 u.s. cities and in australia and canada. we're about to take you inside a place few cameras ever go. the center of the united states spy satellite network and after decades of keeping an eye on rival superpowers in just a few days a new generation of spy
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satellites will be launched to take over the eyes in the sky for america. we have this news edge exclusive. >> reporter: inside the operation center for the national reconnaissance office. >> it can be strenuous. >> reporter: charlotte wilson has her hands full. >> sometimes a lot of phones can be going off at one time depending on what's going on. >> reporter: this is the nerve center of the spy satellite network for america even though most folks haven't heard about it. >> it's okay they don't know. we're delighted to tell our story but we don't advertise what we do. >> reporter: what bruce carlson does is run an agency responsible for launching and operating spy satellite circling the globe. >> it's here that we device the methods and techniques to spy on the other guys in space. >> reporter: with a nation at war, times have changed. in a few days a new generation of spy satellites will take
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their place in america's espionage arsenal. what changed is the enemy. no longer are capsules shooting film of soviet missile bases but today they could be pinpointing a terrorist training camp or intercepting a phone call. to meet that challenge they're rolling out an ambitious project to replace the ageing spy satellite network. >> a lot of pressure but it's fun. >> reporter: colonel aen davis says it will go on until the spring. >> we're going to launch six individual different satellites within about six months from opposite coasts back and forth. >> reporter: and the payoff? >> when i can go home feeling that i helped and participating in national security. >> reporter: in virginia, tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. a new home for the air national guard readiness center much the ribbon was cut today on the facility at joint base
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andrews. part of the base realignment and closure project which is bringing thousands of military jobs to the region. the building is 175,000 square feet and space inside for 6500 personnel. haven't seen the rain in a while. starting to fill in this afternoon. >> nice, right? we saw the clouds come in first and a few thunderstorms, not much here but there is a line out to our west, brian, and have to watch to see if they hold up as the front crosses. there is a 20 degree temperature difference across the area it got to 92 degrees here today but it's down to 74. front on the move but it looks like it wants to do something out there. the showers that are around our region are light but you might want your umbrella because in a few spots they have been moderate and we need every single drop of this. that's for sure. only the second time it's rained since august 22nd here and probably not going to be a lot
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unless we get a thunderstorm. so we're starting with radar. mostly light stuff, mostly in maryland. those of you in virginia who are saying what rain, it's mostly confined up to to our north. we have tornado warnings up toward brooklyn, brief it or not, and new york city area. we have had a few thunderstorms with lightning one across through baltimore. did have warnings here in delaware. those have gone down for severe weather and heavier downpours up around hagerstown. over to max hd satellite radar because while you can watch what we have had going on through the region you can see what we're talking about with a lane of thunderstorms that we're -- line of thunderstorms that we're watching into ohio and pennsylvania. some of these have been severe and we'll have to watch what happens with that line as it approaches our region tonight. a lot of it is going to go to our north but there could be a rumble of thunder tonight. we'll check to see when could ex-peck that coming up in a moment. -- expect that coming up in a moment. we're down to 74 right now.
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so it did get humid out ahead of the front, dulles at 85, dwi at 86 degrees. you can see the temperature spread, 66 in frederick and recently with the 6:00 update fredericksburg at 80. 86 lenardtown. that's the way it's going to go. and another front will cross tomorrow morning and that will keep temperatures much more realistic and more september-like. 60 degrees in bighamton. detroit at 65 degrees. gusty out there as our first tropics come throughout so winds out of the west at 22. we have a good deck of clouds around this afternoon. for tonight, tom showers, isolated rumbles of thunder. you can seep an eye on it on, radar all the time. a few morning clouds for friday and then a warm afternoon again,
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so not quite ditching the heat tomorrow but it does get more comfortable as we go through the weekend. the high tomorrow should be 85 degrees. warm and sunny, but eight in the morning, 71, by noon lots of sunshine, 81, and by 4:00, 84 degrees. in the futurecast you can see what's going on right now. watch the line of showers and thunderstorms and i'll take this to about midnight and we see it just in the western suburbs trying to come through with isolated rumbles of thunder. as we go through the overnight hours, you can see that it's just breaking up towards morning, a spotty shower, clouds diminishing as we get into friday morning early and on through the weekend we go, may be a couple of showers up through pennsylvania and that is going to be it. we're in good shape heading into the weekend. let's soak up every drop of the rain we're getting tonight. look forward to a fabulous friday at 85 degrees. saturday is looking terrific, sunday, both of them in the low 80s. monday and tuesday, 79, climbing back up to 83. don't see any more 90s but then again we didn't see today's 90,
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either. that was quite a surprise given the cloud cover. >> not going to complain. the weekend looks fantastic. >> it does. and good to get a little rain. >> thank you. >> sure. ♪the train is coming now, it won't be far, it must be driven by a privat ♪. >> the dc metro subject of a rab song. a comedian put the video together and posted it on youtube. it is about what bugs riders. like people who stop at the end of the escalator. he got attention on the internet for his rap song about arlington. he is one of the most outspoken people of the redskins. coming up in sports, why portis kept his mouth shut today. a local high school football player is involved in a crazie collision on the field. watch this. madson quick returner slammed
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into the goal post. yorktown booted it deep into the end zone. amazingly mcguire held on to the ballment -- ball.
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. the texans come to town as the skins look to go 2-0 for the first time in '97. portis isn't saying anything today and taping his mouth shut just it make sure there were no leaks. he said some controversial
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remarks tuesday on local radio about a female journalist in the lockerroom. tweeting that she said players made her feel uncomfortable. haynes worth needs tape of his own. >> he sprained his ankle yesterday, and he didn't take any team reps today so he's a little sore today. so hopefully it's not too serious and he'll be able to practice tomorrow. >> devon thomas did not play a single play last week but he did return two kickoffs for 76 yards giving the team excellent field position. if thomas will not be involved more in the passing game or not, but devon wants to play. >> it is what it is. i'm trying my best to get out there and putting my best foot forward, trying to be humble and keep my head up and not being down but it's hard especially for my third year and i want to be a major part of this offense.
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i know i can be a major part of it. just got to keep doing my thing on special teams. >> major league baseball has upheld morgan's eight game suspension for a series of events that col minutated in brawl with the marlins. the league threw out his previous 7 game suspension stemming from an incident with fans in philly. he was find 15 grand. yankees, d rays, 7th inning, spins away from an side pitch. although the pitch hit his back, jeter acts as if it hit his forearm. he umpire said he was hit and awarded him first base. was it cheating or gainsmanship? you decide. tonight we have a special edition of the fox 5 games of the week. dave ross caught up with bruce hampton, head coach of yorktown. >> reporter: how good can this team be in this season? >> we think we're going to be
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pretty good this year. we are excited we're the fox game of the week. we feel our fans got the game on tv so we're excited about the game and hopefully it will be great game. >> thank you. good luck, coach. now you have your sports. back to you. one last look at that beautiful five-day forecast. >> there's not much rain on this one either, brian. going to get most of that overwith tonight and tomorrow. 85 for our friday. beautiful weather after that. >> we're back tonight at 10. the news edge at 11 hopes you will be here, too.
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